Monday, 24 November 2014

Week failthirteeen!

Week 13 challenge came a bit late...and unfortunately it was a disaster :( For some time I had the idea to make a nice watercolour of an old chinese teacup and a saucer that I got from my parents. I've seen many pretty drawings of cups before and decided on a style...that it should be not perfectly round and realistic, rather linear, clean and bit chunky. The teacup I have is made of very thin porcelain, the one you can almost look trough. It has beautiful dragon decorations. Because it is very old it's not perfectly round and it has defects from the time it was baked. And I really did my best to show that. Unfortunately after a while I realized that my brush, even though pretty thin isn't THAT precise and all my painting was just a big mess. It was so chunky I couldnt see the pattern:( But I'm not giving up and if the time will allow me, I will buy a  set of super thin  brushes and start it over this week:)
Even though my challenge didn'g go so well I still have something to show this week :) And it is a pair of cute plates I made to order :)

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Week 12!

Whole last week was crazy with work and other things that came up so I was really longing for this weekend. I needed relaxation, silence and something tasty to eat. This post will be about some other sides of creativity :)

When my parents visited me over a month ago, they brought with them a lot of polish food, that I can't get here in Sweden. One of the things was polish white cheese, made by a local producer close to where they live. It's very tasty and cheesecake made out ofalways turns great. I still had around 1 kg of it in the freezer and thought it would be a great idea to bake something out of it. Out of 100 recipes I picked one for the vanilla flavoured cheesecake with brownie bottom and raspberry mousse on its top. Sounded fantastic:) Especially that the raspberries that I was going to use were from my parents garden and brought to me in a form of thick ultraraspberry jam that my mom made:) Awesome! The recipe was pretty advanced since I had to bake it in water bath in the oven for around 2 hours, but with the help of my boyfriend everything went sound:) After the cake spent the whole night in the fridge we tried it this morning and it was really good:) Not too sweet, super creamy and with lumps of raspberry jam hidden here and there inside the dough. Perfect way to taste some summer when the weather outside is not very nice!

From other creative updates this week, we also framed my Totoro watercolour and hanged it in the hall just next to the entrance to the appartment. Very good spot! It will remind us to take the umbrella when it will rain outside .

We also solved the problem of light in the whole, since we only had one lamp there, and it was still pretty dark. We hung up a light chain and we covered some of the bulbs with small plastic balls, so we got kind of snowball effect on them. 

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Week 11! Presents :)

I think giving and getting presents is one of the coolest ideas ever. I'm more likely in the group that loves to give much more than get them. Especially when they are unique, picked by me, or made by me. I always spend alot of time thinking of what to give to someone. The closer the person, the easier it gets :) But it always has to be perfect, something that I'm sure will make the person happy...sometimes something I would like to get myself. Oh...presents for myself...from myself...Yeah, that's happens often too. When I'm sad, or happy, or when the weather is bad, or when I have birthday- it never feels bad to spoil myself with something cute or tiny or tasty or nice smelling:) However, the best present for me is to see a happy and shining with smile face of someone who just opened my gift :) Week 11 of my challenge was the week of presents. And all of them for some special kids:) First I made an owl painted plate that was ordered as a baptism gift. It turned out cute and I hope It will be a nice surprise for a family. 

And the other present is for children that I sometimes babysit. They are brother and sister and are mega cute. I think they will be happy to find one more package under the Christmas tree this year ;)

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Week 10!

Last week was a pretty stressful one. So many things happened that I was longing for this weekend :) We planned very cosy and relaxing saturday. Late breakfast, feeding the ducks at the river bank (because we had so much leftover bread!) and a library date (which is picking up the books from the art section and reading through them at the cozy cafe:). Well... saturday was super rainy and gray and there was no way we are going out anywhere + library was closed, because of holidays :( It was really like the rainy weather from the movie My neighbour Totoro... so there it is :) I was planning to make something Totoro connected because I LOVE IT! Together with all the others Studio Ghibli productions:) Also some time ago I've seen this cool technique, where you treat watercolour paint with alcohol droplets to get the dandelion effect. I used it to make my rain more rainy and splashy looking. What doYou think?

Friday, 24 October 2014

Fuzzzzzyyyyy Week 9!

The beautiful, warm and golden autumn phase is long gone L.  Now every day is rather grey and most of the time rainy. It’s cold and windy and I have a lot of problem to get out of bed in the morning. I have a need to surround me with comforting things. Warming slippers on my footsies and fuzzy blanket are a must in my daily outfitJ Sofa cuddles every evening is a ritual all year round, but it somehow feels even more cozy now ^_^. I drink warm tea with honey in liters and don’t mind to eat comfort food every day…which builds up a fluffy fat layer around my tummy, but I don’t care so much because that is how I prepare for winterJ. Now it’s not so long until the first snow will cover all the greyness outside and it will be beautiful again.  All of this experiences and feelings mixed into the idea of creating some cool piece for a very naked and white wall in my kitchen. I wanted something fuzzy and cute and colorful. So I took a A3 ivory tinted paper and drew a few rows of feathers (fuzzy + cute) and painted them rainbowish with watercolours. I really like it. I think it fits well in its place, I just have to find some nice frame for it J

Monday, 20 October 2014

Week 8!

The whole last week I was playing around with digital painting. I designed three patterns for the fabric that will be used by a girl who is sewing very beautiful baby clothes :)

I also tried diffrent techniques and brushes to see how it feels and looks in the final effect. And here is a fox that You probably remember from one of my first posts here. It is a very big file and can be printed on paper as a poster or be use as a template on basically anything ( cups, mugs, plates, pillows etc.)

The last thing I tried last week was using the watercolour brush tools. It is really mess at all comparing to traditional watercolours and it's way easier to control the paint :) The final effect was nice and I  like it :)

I must admit that I have alot of fun creating something digital way. But the only problem is that I can't touch it, it kind of feels not real until You have it on paper in your hand. So for next week I already have in mind a cool project using he ancient technique of scribbling the paper :)

Monday, 13 October 2014

Week 7...Into the future!

Week 7 of my Creativity Challenge was super hectic. I had a family visit over and had to take care of them, but this doesn't mean that I haven't done anything arty :) In fact I did alot, but unfortunately can't show it, because most of things I created are going to be a gifts :) Only thing I can was a lot of porcelain painting! :D At the end of the week I leveled up in drawing and tried making it digitally. It really feels like I moved 1000 years into the future and it was very hard to get it at the beginning. It is a weird feeling not to draw on paper, and that the connection between the hand and a creation has a gap filled with tablet :) First owl I made was so dissapointing that I lost all the hope in my hands. It felt like it's not  really mine :D

My second drawing was much better though, and I think I will be getting along with digital drawing because I can see alot of potential in it. 

Finally, I'm very happy to annouce that since last week I'm selling few of my pieces in the Mamabu store - the place where You can find all the children equipment from the best Polish designers.