Monday, 13 October 2014

Week 7...Into the future!

Week 7 of my Creativity Challenge was super hectic. I had a family visit over and had to take care of them, but this doesn't mean that I haven't done anything arty :) In fact I did alot, but unfortunately can't show it, because most of things I created are going to be a gifts :) Only thing I can was a lot of porcelain painting! :D At the end of the week I leveled up in drawing and tried making it digitally. It really feels like I moved 1000 years into the future and it was very hard to get it at the beginning. It is a weird feeling not to draw on paper, and that the connection between the hand and a creation has a gap filled with tablet :) First owl I made was so dissapointing that I lost all the hope in my hands. It felt like it's not  really mine :D

My second drawing was much better though, and I think I will be getting along with digital drawing because I can see alot of potential in it. 

Finally, I'm very happy to annouce that since last week I'm selling few of my pieces in the Mamabu store - the place where You can find all the children equipment from the best Polish designers.

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