Monday, 20 October 2014

Week 8!

The whole last week I was playing around with digital painting. I designed three patterns for the fabric that will be used by a girl who is sewing very beautiful baby clothes :)

I also tried diffrent techniques and brushes to see how it feels and looks in the final effect. And here is a fox that You probably remember from one of my first posts here. It is a very big file and can be printed on paper as a poster or be use as a template on basically anything ( cups, mugs, plates, pillows etc.)

The last thing I tried last week was using the watercolour brush tools. It is really mess at all comparing to traditional watercolours and it's way easier to control the paint :) The final effect was nice and I  like it :)

I must admit that I have alot of fun creating something digital way. But the only problem is that I can't touch it, it kind of feels not real until You have it on paper in your hand. So for next week I already have in mind a cool project using he ancient technique of scribbling the paper :)

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