Sunday, 31 August 2014

Week 1! Let's get started :)

I am a huge animal lover. If there would be any possibility for me to take care of ALL the animals I would do it. Sadly I have a fur allergy and I'm not allowed to touch animals, not mentioning cuddles. But I kind of found way around this health ban and I decided to draw my favourite animals:) Dachshund - because since  I remember there was always one diving under the table (in search of food) in my family house. Raccoon - because I adore them, never thought of them as pests, they have cute paws and noses. Foxie - cuteness and fluffyness levels out of the scale. So for last two weeks i worked on tiny triptych for the hallway that turned out quite good. I used pen and black watercolour on paper.

Creativity challenge!

A few months ago I moved into a new appartment. Even after filling it with furniture it still feels empty, mostly because of plain walls and lack of small cosy decorations that could make it feel more home-like. Also recently I rediscovered how fun drawing is ( something I haven't done in 10 years) and that I definitely should make it more often. These two things merged into the idea of Creativity Challenge! The rule is that every week in a time of one year I will make something creative and post the evidence of it here. It can be anything that involves me in making something fun and nice. It will mostly be drawing, painting,  some DIY projects, maybe tiny renovations, maybe cool photos...I hope that in 52 weeks my appartment will turn into the cosiest place. I chose to make a blog about it to keep my motivation on a certain level and to record my progress. And of course because it's something that makes me really really happy.