Sunday, 31 August 2014

Week 1! Let's get started :)

I am a huge animal lover. If there would be any possibility for me to take care of ALL the animals I would do it. Sadly I have a fur allergy and I'm not allowed to touch animals, not mentioning cuddles. But I kind of found way around this health ban and I decided to draw my favourite animals:) Dachshund - because since  I remember there was always one diving under the table (in search of food) in my family house. Raccoon - because I adore them, never thought of them as pests, they have cute paws and noses. Foxie - cuteness and fluffyness levels out of the scale. So for last two weeks i worked on tiny triptych for the hallway that turned out quite good. I used pen and black watercolour on paper.

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