Friday, 24 October 2014

Fuzzzzzyyyyy Week 9!

The beautiful, warm and golden autumn phase is long gone L.  Now every day is rather grey and most of the time rainy. It’s cold and windy and I have a lot of problem to get out of bed in the morning. I have a need to surround me with comforting things. Warming slippers on my footsies and fuzzy blanket are a must in my daily outfitJ Sofa cuddles every evening is a ritual all year round, but it somehow feels even more cozy now ^_^. I drink warm tea with honey in liters and don’t mind to eat comfort food every day…which builds up a fluffy fat layer around my tummy, but I don’t care so much because that is how I prepare for winterJ. Now it’s not so long until the first snow will cover all the greyness outside and it will be beautiful again.  All of this experiences and feelings mixed into the idea of creating some cool piece for a very naked and white wall in my kitchen. I wanted something fuzzy and cute and colorful. So I took a A3 ivory tinted paper and drew a few rows of feathers (fuzzy + cute) and painted them rainbowish with watercolours. I really like it. I think it fits well in its place, I just have to find some nice frame for it J

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