Sunday, 2 November 2014

Week 10!

Last week was a pretty stressful one. So many things happened that I was longing for this weekend :) We planned very cosy and relaxing saturday. Late breakfast, feeding the ducks at the river bank (because we had so much leftover bread!) and a library date (which is picking up the books from the art section and reading through them at the cozy cafe:). Well... saturday was super rainy and gray and there was no way we are going out anywhere + library was closed, because of holidays :( It was really like the rainy weather from the movie My neighbour Totoro... so there it is :) I was planning to make something Totoro connected because I LOVE IT! Together with all the others Studio Ghibli productions:) Also some time ago I've seen this cool technique, where you treat watercolour paint with alcohol droplets to get the dandelion effect. I used it to make my rain more rainy and splashy looking. What doYou think?

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