Monday, 24 November 2014

Week failthirteeen!

Week 13 challenge came a bit late...and unfortunately it was a disaster :( For some time I had the idea to make a nice watercolour of an old chinese teacup and a saucer that I got from my parents. I've seen many pretty drawings of cups before and decided on a style...that it should be not perfectly round and realistic, rather linear, clean and bit chunky. The teacup I have is made of very thin porcelain, the one you can almost look trough. It has beautiful dragon decorations. Because it is very old it's not perfectly round and it has defects from the time it was baked. And I really did my best to show that. Unfortunately after a while I realized that my brush, even though pretty thin isn't THAT precise and all my painting was just a big mess. It was so chunky I couldnt see the pattern:( But I'm not giving up and if the time will allow me, I will buy a  set of super thin  brushes and start it over this week:)
Even though my challenge didn'g go so well I still have something to show this week :) And it is a pair of cute plates I made to order :)

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