Sunday, 16 November 2014

Week 12!

Whole last week was crazy with work and other things that came up so I was really longing for this weekend. I needed relaxation, silence and something tasty to eat. This post will be about some other sides of creativity :)

When my parents visited me over a month ago, they brought with them a lot of polish food, that I can't get here in Sweden. One of the things was polish white cheese, made by a local producer close to where they live. It's very tasty and cheesecake made out ofalways turns great. I still had around 1 kg of it in the freezer and thought it would be a great idea to bake something out of it. Out of 100 recipes I picked one for the vanilla flavoured cheesecake with brownie bottom and raspberry mousse on its top. Sounded fantastic:) Especially that the raspberries that I was going to use were from my parents garden and brought to me in a form of thick ultraraspberry jam that my mom made:) Awesome! The recipe was pretty advanced since I had to bake it in water bath in the oven for around 2 hours, but with the help of my boyfriend everything went sound:) After the cake spent the whole night in the fridge we tried it this morning and it was really good:) Not too sweet, super creamy and with lumps of raspberry jam hidden here and there inside the dough. Perfect way to taste some summer when the weather outside is not very nice!

From other creative updates this week, we also framed my Totoro watercolour and hanged it in the hall just next to the entrance to the appartment. Very good spot! It will remind us to take the umbrella when it will rain outside .

We also solved the problem of light in the whole, since we only had one lamp there, and it was still pretty dark. We hung up a light chain and we covered some of the bulbs with small plastic balls, so we got kind of snowball effect on them. 

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