Sunday, 9 November 2014

Week 11! Presents :)

I think giving and getting presents is one of the coolest ideas ever. I'm more likely in the group that loves to give much more than get them. Especially when they are unique, picked by me, or made by me. I always spend alot of time thinking of what to give to someone. The closer the person, the easier it gets :) But it always has to be perfect, something that I'm sure will make the person happy...sometimes something I would like to get myself. Oh...presents for myself...from myself...Yeah, that's happens often too. When I'm sad, or happy, or when the weather is bad, or when I have birthday- it never feels bad to spoil myself with something cute or tiny or tasty or nice smelling:) However, the best present for me is to see a happy and shining with smile face of someone who just opened my gift :) Week 11 of my challenge was the week of presents. And all of them for some special kids:) First I made an owl painted plate that was ordered as a baptism gift. It turned out cute and I hope It will be a nice surprise for a family. 

And the other present is for children that I sometimes babysit. They are brother and sister and are mega cute. I think they will be happy to find one more package under the Christmas tree this year ;)

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