Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Week 5!

Week 5 was pretty generous when it comes to 'creative produce'. I finally was able to try porcelain painting pen on some ceramics...something I was thinking about for a long time. I went to a thrift store and purchased a few simple porcelain white plates and cups with as flat surface as possible. I was very excited to the process, because before I moved to Sweden, I worked a lot with porcelain and ceramics, but as an art historian. This time I was kind of on the other side of it:) After my designs were complete I left them for a few hours to dry and than baked my porcelain in the oven. The effect is quite good, though my experience says that an on-glaze paint can fade away ater some time. For the owl plate the drawing looks pretty good, but for my diagonal patterns it turned out a bit sloppy. I wish I had a traditional porcelain paint and a brush to finish it up. However, You can't deny they are handmade, and it adds some sort of a character to them. 

If You like them, I'm selling them in my Etsy store:

The other thing that I made this week was a drawing of some wildflowers. I love wildflowers, because they bring back my childhood memories. When I was small my parents build a house just in the outskirts of the city, next to the big forrest. This district was pretty new and we had a very few neighbours, and our house was surrounded by a big field overgrown with all kind of grass and wild flowers: poppies, cornflowers, dandelions, buttercups, daisies...everything. I remember that there was one kind of flower that we even ate, and it was pretty sweet...not sure if we were allowed to though :)

Also finally we found some time last week to frame and hang few of my earlier works, and I'm very happy that they got a place on our walls. It feels like my appartment is slowly getting its homely feeling:)

So, that's it this week. I hope You enjoyed it :))

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