Thursday, 4 September 2014

Week 2!

This week's project was inspired by a person that has a very special place in my heart -  my grandmother. She was one of the most creative people i knew, and also very talented. She was sewing, knitting and embroidering whole of her life:) One of her favourite emroidery patterns comes from polish folk art from the northern Poland and it is called haft kaszubski. It looks like that :

My version is on paper. I drew it, than filled the outlines with a black pen, than painted it with a black watercolor and coloured it with pencils. I think it looks quite cool! I am very pleased with the graphic effect of it and kind of silver glitterring of a pencil. Even though it took me some hours I had great fun doing this, and  I might make more of these.


Drawing is pretty big 46 x 64 cm and I don't have a frame yet, but it already looks supernice in it's destined part of the wall :))

As a side project i doodled a pineapple, it may end up in the kitchen somewhere :)

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