Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Week 4! Scarf

Few weeks ago the weather here got really cold...even though it was still summer. I instantly imagined myself knitting something during long dark Swedish Winter evenings. Well, I will still have to wait for that scenario, but this week I rehearsed a bit. I made a scarf! Thick but very soft, very long, super warm and cozy one! It was supposed to be finished as a last week project, but unfortunately my store run out of the yarn that I was using. My scarf is made of the thick 100% wool yarn, and it's colour is dark grey or anthracite, if someone likes fancy names. I made it using pretty fat (12 mm) crochet hook (virkn√•l in Swedish). I am superhappy with it :) I love soft warm things, and this is exactly what i needed:) This is for sure the beginning of my knitting/crochetting adventures:)

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